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Creating Favicon.icoAbout favicon

Favicon Creator Service

In this page, you can create a own favicon for your site from a favorite picture.

After putting favicon.ico on your home page, it is displayed as a icon on a address bar, tabs, bookmarks and etc. on browsers of readers. To understand favicons more, please see the article of Wikipedia.

A format of favicons is a Windows Icon Format. However windows icons can not be created by normal draw software. Therefore this service provide you a tool to convert your picture file into windows icon file.


The procedure of creating favicon is as follows.

expamle pictures First you should prepare a picture designed for your site.
The formats supported for the service is a normal image format like JPEG(jpg), PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and etc. Because icons are square, it may have good result to prepare a picture whose geometry is square. However non-square picture is OK. Because the server trims a long axis to be a square form before creating procedure.

According to the normal manner of favicon files, it creates a windows icon file in which icons of three sizes are packed, 16-dots, 32-dots and 48-dots. But normal brwosers uses only 16-dots icon. So it creates a favicon with 16-dots only, if you worry about its size. are concious But normal browsers only uses a 16-dots one.

Created favicon should be used as following notation in HTML header, i.e. between <head> and </head>, of html files of your home pages.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/">

It can be possible if you have your own server that you copy the favicon file in {Document Root} of the server as a name of "favicon.ico".

Icon size:
Screen will be changed, when transformation finished.

About Favicons

When I started managing my web site and watched access logs of http server, many users or crawlers access "favicon.ico". I didn't know what it is, but I ran command "locate favicon". And I found there are a few files named "favicon.ico" in the system. I copied one of them in trial and saw that the icon of my site becomes a feather icon, i.e. the favicon is a apche icon.

I feel strange to see the noodle mark of Sum Microsystems as a icon of a few sites those are official site of companies. I wonder that it may be a some special license of SUN's server, but I now understand that a default con remains no change.


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